The sessions offered at Independence Through GRACE focus on our mission: Gaining Respect, Access, Connections and Experience for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Christ-centered programs to encourage and support them in reaching their full potential.

This drop-in enrichment program is designed to incorporate a variety of activities that will suit the personal interests of all participants.  Interweaved throughout each session are curricula that cultivate our participants' social, spiritual, physical, cognitive and creative abilities. You are sure to find many opportunities for growth while living more purpose-filled lives.


Practicing daily living tasks, from using the phone to maintaining a living space to meal planning and cooking can be empowering and meaningful while working toward independence. With assistance from our staff, participants work on social skills, self-care skills, self-advocacy and a variety of other life skills in a small group setting. 


We all need motivation to choose more fruits and vegetables in our diets! In this session we discover foods that are nutritious; how to prepare those foods, and the best part……eat what we cook! We talk about the choices we make like drinking water instead of sugary drinks and getting enough physical activity every day. Our goal is to learn healthy habits! We are pleased to be affiliated with Kern County Superintendent of Schools for our cooking sessions.


This session incorporates a variety of interactions adults have within their families, among their friends and out in their communities.  We practice social skills, helping participants learn to work in a group and make friends. Creating appropriate boundaries among all relationships is discussed and our staff encourages conversations to help foster and refine social skills.


Moving to music helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. This session also includes sports and cardio games while having fun and working together as a group. These activities give participants the opportunity to work on their communication and social skills as well.


The spiritual lives of our participants is an important component of our program.  We want our participants to grow in their relationship with God. They experience God’s word through music and study. We strive to be supportive of the spiritual choices and faith traditions of each participant.  



Living active - full lives includes having fun and enjoying each day. Our participants select those activities that bring them joy. This may include a walk outside, singing a favorite song, challenging a friend to a friendly board or card game, decorating a cookie, or reading a book. This will look different for each participant, but we encourage them to live their lives to the fullest.



Both visual and performing arts are a feature of our program.  Participants express their feelings and emotions though music, skits, as well as painting, ceramics and sketching. We have contracted with a local artist and music instructor in our community to teach our participants. Our participants take home their creations and share them with others.  


Our participants find purpose and joy in serving others. We volunteer at a variety of locations in our community including a local church’s food pantry, homeless ministry, the elderly and ministries that are important to our participants.



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