Sarah Hahn began teaching art at GRACE during the summer of 2020. She is an accomplished artist and is currently a student art teacher at Highland High School, through the CSUB credential program. Sarah teaches GRACE participants how to express their creativity using the elements of art. They create projects inspired by classical works, varying cultures, and their own personal lives.

Nora is a detailed artist.


We are thankful for Crystal Marin, Kern County Superintendent of Schools and Ursula Jaso, Lead Mentor for teaching cooking skills.  Each month Crystal brings a fruit or vegetable to share along with a recipe and we cook together. Ursula leads our weekly cooking and baking sessions - which is a participant favorite.

Making Green Eggs and Ham.


GRACE Lead Mentor, Ursula Jaso guides our participants in weekly musical fun.


Laura Elrod is a certified Pound Fit instructor and has been teaching at GRACE through ZOOM! We have fun weekly as we  MOVE, ROCK, PLAY, and MAKE NOISE!  

Coby during Pound Fit.

Bible Study

Ursula Jaso, the Lead Mentor, assisted by our dedicated volunteers take GRACE participants deeper in their faith through various teaching techniques. Each lesson includes skits, visuals, worship, and interactive exercises based on the Friendship Ministries curriculum. 


Ballroom Dance offers much more than dancing. We are learning proper etiquette & gaining confidence as we share in a large group. Boyd Binninger, our lead dance instructor, is assisted by the amazing & talented Stacey Loubey and Pat Swenson. These dedicated volunteers glide our participants across the floor for weekly FUN!