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GRACE Participants' thoughts.......

It is the very best, wonderful program. I have the very best, good friends. This is how I think about GRACE. - MARY

What I love about GRACE is everyone is free to be themselves! - SKYLAR

I love our program. I can come to GRACE and be myself. Everyone likes when I play my harmonica. I love Miss Sarah and her music class. I love when Miss Ursula does the mirror with me. I love my BFF Alex. - JACOB

I love GRACE. It has good friends Destiny & Sydney & Mary & Trevor & Arai & Robin & Catherine & Ursula & Sarah. I love music and art and cooking and baking. - NORA

I love the fun activities that I do. I love how I made wonderful friends. I've learned more about God. I love that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Everyone is positive. I am loved by the friends I have made at GRACE. - SYDNEY

I have wonderful friends and I have made great friendships at GRACE. The environment and the people here are so positive all the time. I love getting to do music and sing with my friends. GRACE has taught me all about God. - DESTINY

GRACE makes me happy because God is here, the people who work here, my friends here and making music here with Sarah Mac! - ARAI