Bible Study group with our volunteers Lorraine Davies & Dave Stiles

Bible Study is making a difference!




I'd like to introduce you to Janie.* 


Janie is non-vocal. Our Lead Mentor asked her to pray (Janie can sign "AMEN"). She sat quietly. We bowed our heads. After a few moments, I looked up and Janie signed “amen.”


Her dad was in attendance that day. He mentioned he'd never thought to ask her to pray. He was appreciative Janie was given the opportunity and said he'll ask her to pray at home, too.


Debbie* has never attended church on a regular basis. She has loved digging into the Bible Study at GRACE. She says she now has a better understanding of the Bible and wants to learn more. She wants to start going to church to hear the WORD each week! 


Thanks to the generosity of donors, our participants now use new Bible Study curriculum prepared for adults with intellectual and developmental differences. Most importantly, our faithful volunteers work one on one with our participants helping them grow deeper in their knowledge of the scriptures.  


Debbie and Janie are growing in their relationship with GOD. Two wonderful stories about lives being enriched - because of people who care.


Lives are enriched when we all work together! Would you consider joining us in our efforts?






*Names have been changed to protect privacy




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1830 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 101 Bakersfield, CA 93301

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