We are Grateful & Blessed with Steadfast Donors

Bob & Barb Harding of Bakersfield share why they support Independence Through GRACE.


Erin & Don Lindsey, Tennessee

Quotes from Our Giving Page

We support GRACE because we believe in the Christ-centered programming that continues to uplift and provide opportunities to the participants not otherwise offered in the community.  

Anna Smart, Florida  - "What an inspiring group of Graceful Guys and Gals! My Holiday wish is that everyone can contribute something to help their programs continue to thrive"


Sharon & Nick Dunn, Bakersfield - "GRACE provides such amazing opportunities!!!"

Dana & John Szewczyk, South Carolina - "A Wonderful Program Doing Great Things!"

James & Casey Shuler, Utah - "Love what you've done, and what you are doing."

Jeff and Susan Chandler, Bakersfield - "We love what God is doing through Grace!"