Artist: Matthew West

Originally Recorded on : Live Forever

Source Product #: 5099963685558

Song ID: 108480

Song Title: Grace Wins

Master Recording Copyright Notice:

(P) 2015 Sparrow Records used by permission.

Catherine Waldon, GRACE Co-Founder, was a guest on Voices For Life radio show with hosts Marylee Shrider and Judy Goad from Right to Life of Kern County.

Catherine and Grover Waldon’s youngest son Trevor, now age 31, is developmentally delayed. As Trevor grew closer to adulthood and completed High School, they searched for programs in Bakersfield that would enrich Trevor’s life. They wanted a place where he could make friends and feel empowered to be as independent as possible. Unable to find a program that suited Trevor, Catherine & Grover developed an enrichment program that was launched in October 2016.

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Independence Through GRACE 

1830 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 101

Bakersfield, CA  93301 


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1830 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 101 Bakersfield, CA 93301

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